• Dark Romantic Thriller book cover Diamonds Are Not Forever
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    Now Live: Diamonds Are Not Forever – a dark romantic thriller

    A widow with a dark past. An undercover cop in over his head. They’re on opposite sides of the law, but will they be able to work together toward a common goal? Melody Sold as a Slovenian mail order bride, I’ve endured enough abuse to last a lifetime. Together with my best friend Edita, I have survived it all and kept my dead husband’s drug business going for the sake of my three daughters—my jewels. But now my sanity is tested once…

  • Mafia romance The Broken Mafia Series book cover
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    Now Live: Broken Bastard: The Broken Mafia Series – Book 1

    A standalone, secret pregnancy, dark romance novel in The Broken Mafia Series I am Luca Sforza, the first-born son and rightful heir to my father’s kingdom. But here in Sicily, the weight of legacy and the shadows of my birthright define my every move. Where my name should command respect, loyalty and power, the Cosa Nostra has a different label for me. Bastard. And on top of that, broken. I am damaged, my soul broken. Whisky is my mistress, my…

  • ROSA Stand, Amanda Holly and Readers
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    Comic Con Africa – Johannesburg 22-25 September 2023

    As you may know, I am a proud founding member of The Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa, or as we like to call it – ROSA. This year we decided to take a stand at Comic Con Johannesburg for the very first time and it was an experience I will never forget. Firstly, because I was forced to print my books, and secondly because it was the first time I got to interact with readers who took their hard-earned…

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    ROSA Steamy Anthology – Live on 18 March 2021

    I am incredibly proud to be one of the contributing authors for the steamy summer romance anthology being released by the Romance writers of South Africa (ROSA). Don’t delay in getting your copy as this anthology will be available for a limited time only. My entry is titled “Mistress Unchained” Mistress Crystal wants to know what it would be like to truly submit to a Master, and Sheikh Khalid is just the man for the experiment. Can twenty-four hours lead…

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    Covid-19 Lockdown Diaries – Day 29

    My mind, like most others I engage with, is a beehive of activity during this unprecedented lockdown period. It’s telling me to eat all the sugary sweets and snacks it can find inside the house as well as insisting I go forage in the outside world to replenish the ever diminishing supply source! Is this a bad thing? Hell yes! I’ve spent a good 13 months weaning myself off the sugar addiction only to go straight back to it in…