I can usually be found in my home office – either writing, reading or burrowing down several rabbit holes on the internet under the guise of doing research!

The idea of becoming an author took seed during my twenties, but between getting married, emigrating and raising children, the closest I got to writing was joining book clubs and attending writing courses. Finally, in my forties, I co-founded the Romance writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA) with Romy Sommer and that’s where the dream to write finally become a reality.

I write sizzling romantic suspense, and will soon be adding thrillers to my genre list. There’s nothing I love more than delving into worlds I knew nothing about. There’s so much to learn about in this world….hence the research.

When not glued to my Kindle, reading the latest steamy novel, I spend my time catching up with dear friends, going to the movies and planning the next building project at home. My poor husband!

Born and bred in Holland to a Dutch father and an English mother, I have lived on three different continents. I’m currently living in sunny South Africa with my ever-patient husband and two grown children who I hope will stick around the house just a little bit longer!