I can usually be found in my home office – either writing, reading or disappearing down rabbit holes on the internet under the guise of doing research!

I knew I wanted to become an author in my twenties, but between getting married, emigrating and raising children, the closest I got to writing was joining book clubs and learning to drink copious amounts of wine! Finally, somewhere in my forties, I attended a writing course where I met romance author Romy Sommer. Together, we founded the Romance writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA), which is still going strong a decade later.

I write sizzling romance in various sub-genres (mostly suspense) and thrillers. There’s one thing you can be sure of when reading my books – there’s plenty of action, and lots more taking place between the sheets! I love taking my readers to destinations unknown.

As a bona fide nosy parker, there’s nothing better than delving into worlds I know nothing about and making up stories. There’s so much to learn, and so little time to do it in. Oh, and my husband’s very grateful writing takes up a lot of my time – otherwise, there’d be even more building renovation projects added to his to-do list! The man truly has the patience of a saint.

Born and bred in Holland to a Dutch father and an English mother, I have lived on three different continents and loved every minute of experiencing different cultures. I’m currently living in sunny South Africa with my entrepreneurial, ever-patient aviator husband, and daughter. Although my son has escaped…erm, flown the coop to distant shores, the welcome sign is always out and we love having him home to visit.