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Covid-19 Lockdown Diaries – Day 1

Perhaps by sharing some random thoughts, during our country’s lockdown, I can still the voice of fear inside my head and stack it all on the “things I can’t control” pile. So for the next 21 days (for now) I shall put my random thoughts out there so that future aliens might know how small some of these earthlings were …

Waking up to the sound of traffic and screeching Hadidas wasn’t what I was expecting this morning! My worst nightmare is that the ignorants in our society go about their day in a business-as-usual carefree attitude. This morning the first two deaths from this virus have been reported in our country, which makes it all the more devastating to see the images on eNCA news where, in Alexandra (Gauteng), and I’m sure many places will be the same, people are in complete denial.

On the plus side we’ve had a family breakfast and we’re pulling together as a cohesive unit, helping out where needed and spending some time together. It’s not often you get to do that with two adult kids in the house – they normally avoid the ‘rents and hibernate in their rooms. There are definitely still things to be grateful for! I’ll let you figure out whether I’m referring to the togetherness or the hibernation part. 😊

Stay safe in your homes! Big hugs xoxox