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The Journey begins…

The journey to becoming a published author is different for everyone, yet I imagine they all begin with the desire to write a book! My journey is no different in that I’ve dream’t of writing my stories in idyllic rooms with stunning views over the ocean, bright sunshine outside and lace curtains wafting in the breeze …

Years later, as an adult, I decided this dream needed to have a slice of reality so I embarked on some proper authorly workshops teaching me the craft of writing. This of course completely derailed the creative process. It’s so hard to imagine how you can possibly reconcile the original wafty thoughts with the rigidity of butt in chair, fingers on the keyboard writing process.

And here we are, more than a decade after meeting friends who are now multi-published authors, I still feel that burning desire to get my own work out there. I want to be part of the club!

Winning the ROSA Strelizia award in 2018 was a real push in the right direction and I’m now finishing off my edits on the novel that won.

Next step? Self publish and become an Indie Author or take my fresh manuscript and go hunt for a publisher/agent?

Watch this space!